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MBT Rep presents The Nerd by Larry Shue

Open Auditions – All Roles Available

Non-Equity ONLY

Director – Corey McDaniel

Characters (age and ethnicity flexible) –

WILLUM Cubbert (male, mid-30s).  A professional architect, likable and sincere, unexciting and set in his ways.  Willum needs a little gumption.

TANSY McGinnis (female, about Willum’s age).  The woman about to choose between her boyfriend Willum and her career as a weather girl.  Tansy is bubbly, wry, and definitely her own woman.

AXEL Hammond (male, about Willum’s age).  Dry, wise-cracking, irreverent, devil-may-care theater critic who has never done an anonymous favor for anyone.

Warnock WALDGRAVE (male, 35-60).  Powerful, stern, and successful businessman totally lacking in imagination.  The last time Waldgrave smiled was 30 years ago, and then it was gas.

CLELIA Waldgrave (female, 30-50).  Patient but strained, harried but calm, the picture of a schoolteacher almost but not quite stressed to her breaking point.

THOR Waldgrave (male, 8-11).  The son of Warnock and Clelia Waldgrave is a brat who is a temperamental, loud, boisterous, irrepressible young monster.

RICK Steadman (male, mid-30s).  Tactless, selfish, insensitive, aggravating, pointlessly dull, and the worst houseguest ever.

Audition Details

Prepared: Two contemporary contrasting monologues, one comedic. No more than 3 minutes total.

Auditioners may also be asked to work with cold readings following their monologues.

Bellingham Auditions

Sunday, November 8, 2015


MBT’s Encore Room

Bellingham, WA

(enter through reception/ticketing doors)

To sign up for an audition in Bellingham use this URL – https://www.auditionhelpers.com/audition/156143353dae8d

Seattle Auditions

Monday, November 9, 2015


Theatre Puget Sound

Studio B

The Armory (formerly Center House), 4th Floor

Seattle Center

Seattle, WA

To sign up for an audition in Seattle use this URL – https://www.auditionhelpers.com/audition/1561445aa4b859

Please send an electronic headshot and resume to Alison C. Terry, Program Manager at alison.terry@mountbakertheatre.com after you have signed up for an audition time using the URLs above.

Show Info

Performance Dates – February 12-February 28, 2016

Rehearsal Dates – January 30-February 12, 2016

Paid and unpaid roles available. Homestays provided for non-Bellingham actors.

Produced by – MBT Rep

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