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Cast Lists

Summer Rep:

The Last Romance

Director – Beth Leonard


Ralph Bellini – Curt Simmons

Rose Tagliatelle– Bonnie Hollingsworth

Carol Reynolds – Terry Sacks

The Young Man – Jaron Boggs

Jake’s Women

Director – David Gassner


Jake – Mark Waldstein

Maggie – Imogen Love

Karen – Bonnie Hollingsworth

Molly (at 12) – Amanda Burke

Molly (at 21) – Greta Miller

Edith – Terry Sacks

Julie – Shelby Windom

Sheila – Nicola Amos

Other Desert Cities

Director – Lamby Hedge


Brooke Wyeth – Sascha Streckel

Polly Wyeth – Barbara Deering

Lyman Wyeth – Curt Simmons

Silda Grauman – Imogen Love

Trip Wyeth – Lucas McVey


Autumn Rep:

Forever Plaid

Director – Annie Lareau

Music Director – Rob Viens

Choreographer – Kathryn Van Meter


Sparky – TJ Anderson

Smudge – Sage Hoag

Jinx – Dustyn Moir

Francis – Casey Raiha

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