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Theatre Staff

Executive Director

Brad Burdick
ext. 301     |      brad.burdick@mountbakertheatre.com

Marketing Director

Amy Guerra

ext. 302     |      amy.guerra@mountbakertheatre.com

Development Director

John Purdie

ext. 310     |      john.purdie@mountbakertheatre.com

Finance Manager

Leni Jo Blondheim
ext. 303     |      lenijo.blondheim@mountbakertheatre.com

Facilities Director

Jim Zoehrer
ext. 340     |      jim.zoehrer@mountbakertheatre.com

Executive Assistant, Volunteer, and Rental Coordinator

Cindi Pree
ext. 309     |      cindi.pree@mountbakertheatre.com

Corporate Development

John Schapiro
ext. 305     |      john.schapiro@mountbakertheatre.com

Community Outreach Manager

Kate Meuth Alldredge
ext. 311     |      kate.meuthalldredge@mountbakertheatre.com

Graphic Design Manager

Beth Melvin
ext. 307     |      beth.melvin@mountbakertheatre.com

Ticketing Manager

Katharine Conrad
ext. 320     |      katharine.conrad@mountbakertheatre.com

Assistant Ticket Manager

Mady Ellars
ext. 325     |      madyson.ellars@mountbakertheatre.com

Program Manager

Alison Terry Storms
ext. 305     |      alison.storms@mountbakertheatre.com

Digital Marketing Specialist

Caitlyn Klein
ext. 308     |      caitlyn.klein@mountbakertheatre.com

House Manager

Caleb Klein

ext. 344     |      caleb.klein@mountbakertheatre.com

Event Managers

Aubrey Kornelis and Caitlyn Ward

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