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More Than a Field Trip

Visiting the Mount Baker Theatre allows each student to journey into the fields of the performing arts—theatre, music, and dance—all of which provide alternative lenses through which students can explore different subjects, cultures, and points of view in a safe, immersive, and memorable environment. We’ve designed this field guide to each engaging journey that awaits your class, but here’s what you can expect from all of MBT’s Education Series performances:

  • Imaginations inspired through exceptional storytelling! Learning to tell a compelling story is a critical 21st century job skill regardless of industry—your students will learn from some of the
    best professionals in their fields!
  • Programming specifically chosen to help you ensure that your students meet some state standards for performing arts (EALR 1.4).
  • Study guides full of pre- and post-show activities to meet learning standards for dialogue about the performances (EALR 2.3).
  • Opportunities to learn and practice theatre etiquette.
  • Access to an awe-inspiring historic landmark.

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