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Mount Baker Theatre Presents Class Film Ben-Hur with Live Score


Bellingham, WA— Mount Baker Theatre is offering a virtual trip back in time to the movies with the May 14th showing of Ben-Hur (1925). Part of the Theatre’s Silent Film Series with Live Scores, this silent classic features high drama set to a sweeping score accompanied by famous organist and film historian Dennis James on MBT’s mighty pipe organ.  The performance is at 3pm, with a 2pm pre-show event available to both MBT and Pickford Film Center Members.

In this epic quest to reclaim family and freedom, cheer on our hero’s rise from lowly ship slave to champion charioteer. The film cost roughly four million dollars to produce in 1925—20 times the average MGM release of the time. Witness the infamous chariot race scene that is the product of 200,000 feet of film from 42 cameras. This death-defying sequence is still a thrilling theatre experience today.

Keeping the pipe organ playing is part of Mount Baker Theatre’s mission to entertain the community and preserve this historic hub for live performing arts.  To attend the pre-show event, inquire when purchasing tickets.

Call 360-734-6080 for tickets  or purchase online at: www.mountbakertheatre.com

Tickets to Silent Films with Live Score: Ben-Hur can be purchased for $10.50-$22.50 plus applicable fees

2016-2017 Season Sponsor is Saturna Capital.

The Mount Baker Theatre, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting the performing arts, receives support from a Tourism Facilities Grant from the City of Bellingham.

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