Our Planet Live in Concert

Friday | February 17, 2023 | 7:30PM


Show Notes:  
  • Higher decibels - you will feel the sound

The landmark Emmy Award-winning Netflix series is now a live concert event combining breathtaking HD cinematography and all-new orchestrations by Oscar Winner Steven Price with narration by David Attenborough and William Shatner - performed by a live onstage orchestra!


Our Planet Live in Concert combines breathtaking high-definition cinematography with orchestrations by Oscar-winning composer Steven Price performed by a live orchestra. This journey of discovery features narration by David Attenborough. Our Planet Live in Concert is a spectacular celebration of the planet we call home, immersing audiences in the wonders of Earth’s wildlife. This performance showcases the beauty and ever increasing fragility of our natural world. It unpacks and explores how humans have become a threat to the survival of our beloved planet. A portion of the proceeds from Our Planet Live in Concert will be donated to the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) to support education and climate change awareness initiatives.

Quote symbolWe’ve seen first-hand the impact this series has generated by showcasing the wonders of our planet while also addressing the urgent need to protect it for future generations. We hope to elevate this message and deepen the audience’s engagement with the natural world by bringing the documentary into the event space on such a great scale.”
—Colin Butfield, Executive Producer for Our Planet at WWF

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Production Genre: Planet, Climate Change, Wildlife, Nature, Food Systems, Habitat, Earth, Music, Orchestra


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