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Friday, May 9, 2025 - 7:30 PM – Saturday, May 10, 2025 - 7:30 PM

MBT Lookout Sessions Series Presents

Quartet San Francisco

Quartet San Francisco: Classical Meets Jazz at MBT

Quartet San Francisco, founded in 2001 by violinist Jeremy Cohen, is the Bay Area’s leading crossover string ensemble. With three Grammy awards and a total of seven nominations for their recordings, the group is celebrated for their excellence in the classical-crossover genre. Quartet San Francisco (QSF) live performances are known for being stimulating, energetic, and thought-provoking as they authentically deliver various styles with enthusiasm and remarkable technique. Over the past twenty years, QSF has captivated audiences across the United States with diverse concert programs, including symphony orchestra subscription concerts featuring Jeremy Cohen’s “Concerto Carnevale for String Quartet and Orchestra.”

Their latest project “Raymond Scott Reimagined” (Violinjazz Recordings, 2023) focuses on the legacy of American composer Raymond Scott, known for his character-filled works featured in Warner Brothers Merrie Melodies cartoons. For this project, the quartet collaborated with Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band and the celebrated vocal group Take Six. The track “Cutey and the Dragon” from this project received a Grammy nomination for Best Instrumental Composition, honoring Raymond Scott and Gordon Goodwin.

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  • Harold & Irene Walton Theatre

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